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The New York Times is pinning on Pinterest

The New York Times is finally pinning on Pinterest. The newspaper claimed its Pinterest account several weeks ago, but it wasn’t until about 18 hours ago that actual pins started appearing on the account’s four boards (Hair, Summer Escapes, Sweets, and Street Food).

Here are a few screengrabs of what the account looks like this morning.

New York Times on Pinterest
New York Times Pinterest "Hair" Board
New York Times "Hair" Pinterest Board
New York Times Summer Escapes Pinterest Board
New York Times "Summer Escapes" Pinterest Board
New York Times "Sweets" Pinterest Board
New York Times "Sweets" Pinterest Board
New York Times "Street Food" Pinterest Board
New York Times "Street Food" Pinterest Board

Each board seems to have an equal number of followers similar to the account’s overall follower count: 347. While the images are certainly beautiful and on target for Pinterest’s typical content, I hope to see a bit more creativity down the road. But you have to start somewhere and The New York Times has finally joined the more than 150 newspapers on Pinterest.

The New York Times is on Pinterest, pins still to come


New York Times on Pinterest
New York Times on Pinterest

The New York Times is on Pinterest, BUT there’s not much activity coming from the account at this time. Lexi Mainland, social media editor, confirmed for me that this is in fact the official New York Times Pinterest account and said they’d begin pinning soon.

For now we’ll have to sit and wait with the other 203 pinners who have already started following the account.

What the New York Times has done, however, is create a few of their own boards: “Home & Garden” (346 followers), “Food & Drink” (371 followers) and “Style” (380 followers).

No real surprises there as the board names are in line with the type of content users pin, but here’s to hoping they take a few chances with their boards to see how powerful Pinterest can be.

What would you like to see the New York Times pin?

New York Times plans to join Pinterest this spring

By now well over 100 newspapers have opened Pinterest accounts, but I’m still waiting for the New York Times.

After a late night Twitter session with @FarWriter and @Myers_mel I got anxious and decided to go straight to the source. I sent a tweet to Lexi Mainland, the Times’ new social media editor, and received this reply:

So, while it isn’t a firm date, I’m hopeful we’ll see the NYT pinning soon. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I catch word of the new account.

The next question of course will be, what is the newspaper pinning? How would you like to see the New York Times use Pinterest?

Pinterest updates Terms of Service, more

One week after unveiling new user profile pages Pinterest announced today that they have updated their Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy.

One important change to the terms includes removing language that previously granted Pinterest the permission to sell anything users pinned to the site. This should be a welcome update for Newspapers on Pinterest and those still considering whether or not to join the network. The new Terms of Service go into effect April 6, 2012.

Be sure to join Kelly Lieberman and the Pinterest community tonight at 9 central for #PinChat. Lieberman will be hosting the weekly Twitter chat and tonight’s topic is Pinterest’s Terms of Service and copyright. Be there!



Check your Pinterest account, you may have been hacked

Anyone responsible for a newspaper Pinterest account should check the account’s recent pins and likes, you may have been hacked. If you see you’ve somehow pinned or liked an image similar to the one below, try opening the pin in the preview mode by clicking on it once.

Pinterest Best Buy Spam image

Hover over the image and see if the “edit” button appears on the top left of the image. If it does, click “edit” then delete the pin on the next page. This is the regular way to delete a pin and for some users the process has been working as usual.

For most accounts though, the edit button does not appear when you hover over the image. If this is the situation you find yourself in, follow these steps to remove it:

  1. Click the pin once to open it up the preview.
  2. Add “/edit” to the end of the URL in your browser’s address bar.
  3. You should now be able to delete the pin from your board.
  4. Double check to make sure the pin doesn’t also appear in your “likes”. If you see the pin there, just unlike it as you normally would by hovering over the pin and clicking the gray button that says “unlike.”
  5. That’s it! Be sure to help spread the word to others who may not know they have this  spam pin on their boards.
Here’s a little more background on how the situation unfolded tonight: