Four Steps to Follow for Finding the Best Bankruptcy Attorney


Many people feel that they are already declaring that they have no funds or finances left and therefore, there is no point in wasting any more money on hiring a lawyer for this job. This mistake has landed many individuals and companies into deeper troubles than they were already in. The law should never be taken lightly, and therefore when filing for bankruptcy, it is important that a good bankruptcy attorney should be hired for the job.

If you do not know a good bankruptcy attorney, then below are a few guidelines which can help you in finding the best attorney for yourself.

1. Make A List Of All The Attorneys

The first step in the direction of finding an attorney for fighting your bankruptcy case is to make a list of all the attorneys in your area who specialize in this field of law. There may be hundreds of lawyers present in your city, but not all of them are specialist bankruptcy attorney. Just like when fighting a criminal case, you would not hire a traffic attorney. Similarly, you do not want a divorce lawyer to file your bankruptcy petition. Hence, the first step is to find out the names of all the attorneys specializing in bankruptcy law available in your area.

2. Research All The Options

Once your list of names of all the bankruptcy attorney present around you is complete, you then move on to the next step of conducting research on these names in an attempt to find out their capabilities and thereby select the best attorney from the list. When researching these attorneys, you should try to find out whether they are licensed or not, their experience in the field of bankruptcy, past clients and feedback from these clients, etc. All this research should be able to give you a fair idea about which attorneys are good and which need to be avoided. You can now reduce your long list of attorneys to a select few names.

3. Use The First Free Consultation

Almost all the attorneys offer first free consultation to their clients, in order to get an idea about the case and let the clients also know about the firm better. You can use this facility offered by the selected bankruptcy attorney who are remaining on your list after the initial screening process. By meeting the attorney face to face, you would get a much better idea about whether you would be comfortable working with him or not. Comfort between you and your attorney is very crucial. In this meeting, you can also get all your doubts clarified by directly asking the attorney your questions.

4. Make The Hiring Decision

Now you have all the required information about all the bankruptcy attorneys present in your area. Based on this information you can now select the best bankruptcy attorney and hire him or her to represent your case in the court of law. Like in my area the premier choice would be Jamie Deremiah attorney at law for this situation based on my research. So be sure to do enough research using the criteria above to find the top option in your area.

These four things should help you find the best lawyer for your situation.