Is Your Newspaper Pinteresting?

My article for the Inland Press Association’s May issue of the Inlander is now available. In the article you’ll find ideas from 10 newspapers using Pinterest. The piece includes comments from Amy Guth, social media editor at the Chicago Tribune; Buffy Andrews, social media coordinator and assistant managing editor of features and niche publications for the York Daily Record; and Diane Hoffman, community engagement editor for The Pottstown (Pa.) Mercury.

Please come back to starting Monday, April 30 for extended interviews from each of the above listed sources. They’ve got plenty more to say and share than could fit in the Inlander.  Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog. If you know of a newspaper missing from my list, please comment or tweet me @SocialScraps so I can add to the over 125 newspapers (and still counting) on Pinterest. See you Monday!

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